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(Right and below) Friend and client, Magnus

                                                                                                      Holly and Jack 2016

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Hanukkiah by RS

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Driftwood and pine. Your choice slate base and its color.

doubles as children's toy for disguise. $180.-

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In season:MerryHanukkah/HappyChristmas

(Hanukkah and Christmas will be in season all year, in order to save Richard web page editing time.)

Happy Spring! We celebrate it all year!And thank you, Rebecca and Siegfried.

Rachmaninoff celebrates the springtime

Rebecca and Siegfried Sonnenschein join him. Seattle recital in 1973.

Sonntag (an old German folksong about love and longing.)

Text: by Johann Ludwig Uhland; music by Johannes Brahms. Crooned by RLS and JW.

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Richard asks, why not 'Dogpile' it once in awhile, when searching the vast web? http://www.dogpile.com/

And here's another little song we like. Shubert's "Staendchen"...


Franz Schubert

Be a Guest Artist on our little page.(right here)

All artists--emerged, emerging and submerged-- are encouraged to show images of their work on our page, and to sell it through us. Artists need not feel compelled to have their works' images reproduced for use on greeting cards, and may choose to show only.

Poets are also welcome to join us in creating memorable note cards, or simply to have us publish a piece in ourHisses, Purrs, and IdSpills© section (bottom of order/contact form page). We like poetry very much. Richard, who writes a few poems every decade or so, has been published by small presses including the no longer extant literary quarterlies Onionhead (Florida State University) and Echoes (Hudson Valley Writers Association). So, tap your id gently ormit gewalt, and write something fresh, or release the well-aged studies you've imprisoned in a box for too long, and share them with us. OK?

BELOW: Friend and client, Milkshake.

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Candle Holders

Candle Holder

Candle Holder

Reach. Dogwood. $90.-

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Candle Holder

Slither. Driftwood on driftwood base. $90.-

Walker. Maple on slate base. $125.-

Oceans. Maple on slate base. $110.-

Fossil. Driftwood on slate base.$90.-                                                    

Primordia. Rhododendron root on slate. $110

Tarantelle. Rosa Multiflora root on slate. $90.-

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Matteo by Nancy Oehmich

Matteo by Nancy Oehmich

13x20 original ink portrait. 1984. $500.-

Candle holder: Oceana

Candle holder: Oceana

Driftwood and sunflower root/stalk on slate. $150.-

Hanukkiah (can be disguised)

Hanukkiah (can be disguised)

Driftwood and pine. $80.-

Friend and client, Winston.

licking his chops.

Friend and client, Winston.
Friend and client, Jack.

Friend and client, Jack.

Being his irresistible self.

R to L: Herbie and Fiona

R to L: Herbie and Fiona

Friends and Clients

If you see Richard, run the other way!

He'll try to take your picture. I don't know that he has anything else with which to occupy his time. It's sad, really.

If you see Richard, run the other way!

Please note: The latter beautiful creations shown above are not for sale

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Looking for pet sitters in Poughkeepsie, New York? Call Holly and Richard!

They're near Vassar College.

Above: Friend and client, Belkis!

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