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Serving neighborhoods within a six-mile radius of Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York

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Telephone: (845) 489-1291

Who will love your pet while you are away, and your current pet sitter or walker* is indisposed or unavailable for a while? Richard, we say! Should the unconditionally-loving furry in your life need boarding, a sitter or substitute* walker, we old cats (Juniper and Jonquil) highly recommend our mature and capable human, Richard Sonnenschein for short term assignments.

*Richard substitutes for--DOES NOT replace--current walk providers. He wants to burn calories while occasionally helping Poughkeepsie pet owners who walk their own dogs, or whose regular provider is on vacation or indisposed. Looking for pet sitters near Vassar College? Call us!

Richard(below)holds an injured Northern Saw Whet owl treated by wildlife scientist Glenn Proudfoot.

The experience made him want to sing:

A Little Mozart For the Birds...

Holly, Richard's best friend holds the injured owl. The owl's eyes look very much like my right eye. I wonder if we're related...

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Richard says: 'Dogpile' it once in awhile when searching the web. They are much more inclusive, and far less intrusive. http://www.dogpile.com/

Until recently, I'd believed Richard to be a strictly cat-and-dog person, but I guess he'd be quite comfortable sitting for birds and fish, too. I know I would be.

I'm Juniper just checking out the possibilities. Life is good, and I'm enjoying every moment...

Richard is kind, playful, and generous with kibbles. LIFE IS GOOD!

You can buy your adored dog a walk/visit/boarding with Richard for as little as $15.00.*

Please Note: Richard will substitute for--not replace--current providers.

Here's jonquil in your face, and you know me by now. I'm just having a little snooze on sun-warmed slate in my garden.

Yes! Should Richard not be boarding a dog during the time you need placement for your furry, he will happily open his heart and door to your pet. Your dear pet will never be left alone. Richard and/or Holly will be there 24/7. That's why we only board one pet at a time. And you will pay a mere $15.- per day! Wow!!

And your beloved, low maintenance cat may be afforded a visit from Richard for as little as $5.55. That's $5.55 for 5 minutes (see details)

So, if you're looking for cat sitters in Poughkeepsie, NY, Holly and Richard are GREAT! And, if they're not the greatest, they're surely among the oldest!

House Sitting:

Richard's first 'house sitting' job, decades ago, was as live-on-site caretaker and interpreter for the Fort Klock Historic Restoration. As the caretaker of this national landmark, he maintained its buildings and grounds as well as conducting interpretive tours for visitors and groups of children from area schools. Holly designed colonial period garb for each of them to wear, and during her summer visits to him there, assisted Richard in maintaining Fort Klock's herb garden, and in guiding tours. http://www.FortKlockRestoration.org

Short and long-term house and/or pet sitting assignments are accepted. Prices will make you purr...

Richard will take good care of your house,too ! Would you like to have your house looked after while on vacation or away on an extended business trip? Richard will check in on it once--or more times--daily, or help you arrange for highly qualified live-in presence, all according your wishes.

Do you have a vacant house on the market, or a rental property you would like shown or checked every so often? Checked on for as little as $5.55 per day.*

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Darling Peonie

Odd Jobs&Errands For Seniors

Have the odd job you'd like done? Richard, himself a bit odd, likes a good challenge. So, bring on the odd jobs. Richard's prices won't add to the gray hair you may already sport. Check it out!

Ask about our 'Look in on senior citizens' service.

*Serving neighborhoods within a three-mile radius of Vassar College

The shorter the distance we must travel to and from clients, the lower our costs. That saving is passed on to customers with prices that always purr for them, never bark at them.Please see our Purrices page.

...and should ever

your pet become lost, contact Richard with pictures and info. He'll post it immediately, right here on this page. So, if you lose or find a pet, let us know, and then scream your head off.

Muetterchen Michelle Verlor Ihr Kaetzlein Heut(Mommy Michelle lost her kitty today).

Kinderchor des Bayerischen Rundfunks 1965

Jonquil on his pillow-padded satellite dish scratching post made for him by a friend.

(845) 489-1291

For all of your pet sitting needs in the Poughkeepsie, New York 12603 area (near Vassar College).


We're capable,mature, and our services will make you purr...